May 18, 2017

It’s not just good schools and safe neighborhoods young families are seeking; the hottest trend with developers is family-friendly play spaces. With the growing population of single families in urban dense areas, residents are looking for real estate that accommodates their children in the lifestyle that parents feel they deserve.

One of HPA’s most recent high rise projects Trump Bay Street in Jersey City enhances the lifestyle of its residents by providing a white, bright playroom that is complete with colorful toys, tables for playing and building, comfy seating and plenty of city views. Conversely, one of our west coast projects Valencia Vista in San Bernardino, CA is an affordable housing complex with a shaded, colorful outdoor playset, a music area with a wall mounted xylophone, English to Spanish word board and a movable tic-tac-toe panel.

By offering these amenities, developers are able to keep residents longer than they used to and making spaces that serve their needs allow them to do so. Communal play areas not only offer a space to for their children to get out of the apartment but a chance to interact with others, learn new things and some offer children’s programming with classes and workshops.

Play spaces aren’t new by any stretch, but they are increasing in popularity, price and design. And when apartments become more appealing to kids, they become more appealing to renters and buyers.

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