Green Process

Humphreys & Partners consistently strives to be forward thinking, both in our designs as well as the way in which our work relates to the environment.

As focus on energy efficiency increases, more developers and communities are seeking opportunities to incorporate sustainable “Green” elements into their planning and design. Many believe that the “green” craze is more about buzz than action, especially in multifamily development. But, as energy costs increase and as some of the materials and systems become more affordable, going “green” has become a much more viable option in recent years.

As part of our design process, we offer a formal GREEN REVIEW to each project. While the research required and additional costs of green materials/systems can be sometimes seem unappealing, there are real benefits to be had, especially if the effects are studied over a longer period of time.

Some of the elements to achieve various certifications can be surprising. Items such as drought-tolerant landscaping, high-efficiency HVAC systems, double-pane windows, and even parking labeled for “Fuel-efficient vehicles” will gain points. In fact, some aspects of the process simply require additional calculations, all in efforts to make sure that the systems and materials included in the project will help it to run at its most efficient level. On average, bringing sustainable ideas and elements into a project can increase costs from 7-10%, however many costs can be recovered over the operating life of the building.

Whether the decision at your site is to pursue LEED, NGBS, or any other type of certification, or simply to incorporate “green” elements, we can coordinate to make sure the design and systems used work to achieve your ultimate goal.

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