March 9, 2017

Humphreys & Partners Architects have designed a stunning, state-of-the-art next generation apartment. The concept was presented at the Multifamily Executive Conference in Las Vegas.


It has become apparent that drone technologies are an exciting and inevitable part of our future which is why drone integration systems are at the heart of the Apartment of the Future’s design. A full-scale landing pad located on the rooftop of the building will be used for personal or commercial drones, helicopters and flying vehicles with personal and semi-shared landing spaces. Delivery drones will be able to drop off packages into a secured pod that can be lowered by an elevator-type system and delivered directly to the resident’s apartment by a second drone.

Self-Driving Cars & Robotic Parking

The way we drive, park and store our vehicles is evolving. Autonomous vehicles will be on the roads within the next five years and are predicted to dominate in dense urban areas. Specific parking spaces will be designated for those vehicles that can automatically park themselves. For human-driven cars, the Apartment of the Future features a robotic parking system. Robotic parking is essential in future apartments as site sizes decrease; automatic systems allow for tandem parking, thus saving valuable space. Drone landing pads will also be used for vehicles; transporting cars vertically outside the building to their assigned parking location. Drivers will be able to summon their vehicles at the touch of a smartphone app for ultra-convenience. For the ultimate car enthusiast, special penthouse units will have en-suite parking systems so that cars can be parked directly in the unit.

Sustainable Living

As a society, we are making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. We have designed the Apartment of the Future with an emphasis on a sustainable lifestyle.

Tesla Powerwall batteries will support both individual units and common spaces.

Smart windows will cover the exterior of the entire building. They are charged by solar power and generate the energy it takes to turn them from transparent to translucent. Once in translucent mode, you can control the amount of light which saves money, keeps spaces cool, and helps block UV rays while protecting all valuables inside the apartment.

The design of the project was largely inspired by vertical green. Vertical farming is the practice of producing fruits and vegetables in vertically stacked layers or vertically inclined surfaces that are integrated into other structures.

Collectors covering the exterior of the building gather rainwater which is then transported into a treatment plant located on the base levels of the building. This creates gray water, which is recycled, treated, and used in all units for toilets and washing clothes. It can also water the vertical farm crops (either for commercial or residential use).

Smart Exterior

Engineering an apartment for the future means using new and sustainable materials which is why our designers propose a structural system comprised of lightweight, yet incredibly strong carbon fiber. A kinetic façade exterior will create a sense of energy and movement combined with energy efficient LED lighting that will also assist in the growth of the vegetation. Additionally, the building will be able to harvest both solar and wind energy.

Luxury Amenities

Residents will enjoy high-end amenities suited to their on-the-go lifestyle such as smartphone enabled entry. Guests will be allowed automatic access for a limited time, which can be reprogrammed by the resident. Bigger and more functional closet spaces will be integrated into the units along with larger balconies. Gas cooktops and glass recycled countertops are featured in the kitchens.

We believe the Apartment of the Future will be more high tech, sustainable and smarter than the ones we live in today, and the designers and engineers at Humphreys and Partners are ready to help you support, create, and build that vision. Learn more about us and our future building capabilities at

Special thanks to J Turner Research, who surveyed the preferences of 85,000 renters to gain valuable insight regarding technology, lifestyle and design. Click here to view their research.

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