E-Staks ™

One of our newest signature products, the E-Staks™ focuses on efficiency, density, and ease of construction. Boasting an outstanding efficiency of 93%.

  • 3, 4, 5-story, or high-rise
  • Wood frame or modular construction
  • All units are the same width and depth
  • One corridor serves 3 (or 4) levels
  • Variety of buildings shapes and lengths
  • Could have retail component if needed

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This enhanced breezeway-style building allows more efficiency with one corridor serving up to four levels with a mix of both flat and two-story units. From two to four stories, this signature design allows for recovery of additional floor space over and below the breezeway corridor while maximizing rentable square footage in all units.

  • 2-4 stories
  • 92% efficient
  • 1000 square foot unit average
  • 38 units per acre
  • Surface parking and or tuck under garages
  • Elevator optional
  • Ground floor retail optional
  • Suburban infill

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A condensed version of one of our most popular suburban offerings. The smaller buildings can be combined with our signature Big House® and Single-Family Rentals allowing for a more dynamic site plan and range of unit sizes.

  • 6 units per building
  • Higher density than single family rental
  • Larger units with workspaces compared with signature Big House®
  • Ground level units come with private yard

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Stak House ™

One of our newest signature products, the Stak House™ is 2 and 3 story wood-frame building with the look of a Big House® but achieving 26 units/acre at 93% efficiency.

  • All units are the same width and depth
  • One corridor serves 3 or 4 levels
  • Variety of buildings shapes and lengths

Floor Plan

Big House®

The Big House® design features direct access garages, enclosed private stairs for upper units, walk out patios and balconies, and boasts 100% efficiency.

  • Private attached garages
  • Direct unit entry
  • 6 to 14 units per building
  • 300+ project built across the U.S.
  • HUD 221D4 approved product
  • Efficiency: 100% (no common area, all rentable/sellable SF)

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Home Rise®

Humphrey’s Home Rise® signature product eliminates typical hi-rise long corridors and offers a floor plan with smaller & separate elevator lobbies which frees up the core of the building in turn leading to improved efficiency.

  • Private elevator lobbies
  • No corridor
  • Service corridor for egress (limited finishes)
  • Efficiency: 87% (sellable/rentable vs. gross SF)

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The E-Urban® offers up to 86% efficiency in rentable/sellable area comparable to other typical corridor building which average around 68%. Nearly 100 E-Urban® projects have been built to date.

  • Up to 40 to 50 units per acre
  • Surface parked
  • Up to 80 to 110 units/acre (wrap)
  • Up to 140 units per acre (podium)
  • HUD 221D4 approved product
  • Efficiency: 86% (sellable/rentable vs. gross SF) compared to 60%

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The E-Senior® product line averages 34 units per acre and 85% efficiency. Comprised of the total 104 units are 62 independent, 32 assisted, and 10 memory impaired.

  • Independent living and/or assisted living
  • Flexible center for amenities/common areas
  • Potential financing under HUD 221 or HUD 232
  • Efficiency: 85% (net vs. gross SF)

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The E-Max® product line averages 630 square feet and 85% efficiency. This product also rests on wood-constructed garages rather than a concrete podium.

  • 630 SF Average
  • 85% efficient
  • Wood-constructed garages


The E-House® is a Big House® that costs less to build for that affordable market. The slab turns on an E-House® are one-fifth the number on a Big House® – 12 vs. 60. There are 1/3 as many roof types.

  • 12 units per building
  • 18 units per acre

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