November 30, 2018

As the leading multifamily innovator and architecture firm in North America, Humphreys & Partners relies on our incredible team from around the world to create innovative, one-of-kind communities for clients. As Project Manager in our Newport Beach office, Heather Barbosa leads many of HPA’s most forward-thinking projects and has lent her exceptional design talent to numerous HPA-designed multifamily designs. A lifelong resident of California, Heather brings a carefully cultivated eye for form and functionality to her many successful projects.

We sat down with Heather while she was in our Dallas for a project manager workshop. Let’s get to know Heather outside (and inside) the office and see what makes her a true icon of #HumphreysHeroes culture:

  1. What do you enjoy most about your career at HPA?

My coworkers and the office culture are tied for number one. The office culture here is phenomenal, it is very comfortable and collaborative. Everyone works hard – we also take time for ourselves and our family. This is extremely invaluable.

Also, I enjoy being able to work directly with our clients. When you get to know a client personally, you get to know what their project expectations are.

  1. What inspires your work?

I have always enjoyed creating spaces for people. When I am designing these multifamily residences I imagine myself in them – what would I need from this structure to grow and thrive if I lived there?

  1. Do you have a favorite/least favorite design trend that is popular right now?

I love big spaces and they are popular in the multifamily industry right now, so this would be my favorite current trend. In particular, you are seeing this in amenities spaces – they are getting bigger and better. And my least favorite trend: units are getting way too small and lack storage space!

  1. What are some of your hobbies when you’re out of the office?

Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing. I race with a team in Southern California and I get to enjoy the Pacific Ocean almost daily!

  1. Are there any exciting projects you are currently working on?

It is the first time I am on a student housing project – and I am going bonkers over the interior designers that create these amazing clubhouses! Anything you imagine we are doing inside these student communities. The amenities are insane! In Las Vegas, we are working on a project with 750 units, including penthouses, sky decks, massage rooms and more.

  1. Do you have any pets?

Yes – a golden retriever named Decker. He is 10 years old and he can always be found on a boat deck, cabin deck or front deck – he’s always on a deck! That is why we named him “Decker. “

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