November 16, 2016

Humphreys & Partners Architects and Jordan Foster Construction won “Best in Show” with “Pawhaus” as part of the Second Annual Bark + Build Design/Build contest and raffle. The event is part of the SPCA of Texas’ 26th Home for the Holidays Event, which will take place November 14 through December 4 at NorthPark Center benefiting the SPCA of Texas.


“Pawhaus” is a modern take on the traditional doghouse, but eliminates the idea of the structure acting solely as an area of refuge. The typical doghouse is usually closed off and confined, which is something that we wanted to eliminate. The comforting and airy design consists of openings on all four sides, providing an even flow of natural ventilation, yet still providing shelter to your family’s favorite friend. The use of horizontal, slatted cedar not only offers a natural, aesthetic look, but it contributes to the added benefit of increased ventilation. The slanted green roof serves as a natural cooling element and provides a fully functional hidden roof drain for water runoff when vegetation is planted. Lastly, recycled glass countertops provide an aesthetic look while holding onto the idea of keeping our design as green as possible.


The team’s entry features Glass Recycled Countertops around the window, food & water dispenser and along the rooftop. “Pawhaus” was also constructed using dimensional red cedar lumber, birch plywood, aluminum fence posts, Trex composite decking, and a custom fabricated metal roof.

All entries will be judged on both design and construction quality by jury panel, with various award categories, and then displayed to the public at NorthPark Center from November 14 through December 4. While on public display, raffle tickets will be available for purchase with all proceeds benefiting SPCA of Texas. SPCA of Texas mission is to provide every animal exceptional care and a loving home and is the leading animal welfare agency in North Texas.

Raffle tickets can also be purchased online at! They are only $5 each or $20 for five and proceeds go to the SPCA.


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