October 11, 2022

This past year Humphreys & Partners has seen some significant changes across the company which has led to positive impacts on company culture, retention, account expansion, and record-breaking projects in the pipeline. In an effort to effectively lead and support this continued growth, two critical players were welcomed to the HPA executive leadership team to fuel innovation and provide a diverse approach to executing the current corporate strategic plan.

Amanda Tatko, who previously served as the Vice President of Business Development & Marketing, was promoted to Chief Revenue Officer. Her focus will be on optimization resulting in enhanced productivity and better alignment across all teams, executing the current corporate strategic plan, and developing a plan for continued revenue growth.

Jamie DeWispelare was welcomed back to the team to serve as the Chief Financial Officer. He will be tasked with improving business operations, increasing efficiencies, and maximizing profits through data analytics which will be critical in paving the way for HPA’s continued success.

To bring the most value to our clients and the communities they serve, it is our obligation to be trailblazers. In our industry, an ever-changing economic, social, and political landscape requires not only an intimate knowledge of our craft but a nimbleness and a drive for continuous evolution. We believe that a diverse executive leadership team is the backbone of this progress, and that company culture, creativity, and innovation are spurred only when a leadership team brings to the table a wealth of unique of experiences.

As we continue to grow and innovate, our leadership team will be forging our path ahead – respecting the legacy of where we came from while charging forward with a team of world-class architects tasked with creating industry-defining designs. This unique leadership team of proficient critical thinkers will be tasked with driving growth, efficiency, and innovation by fostering a culture that encourages every member of our HPA family to bring their talents and skills to the highest degree day in and day out. Only by starting from the top can we ensure we continue to provide best-in-class service to our client’s ever-evolving needs.

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