August 2, 2018


As an integral part of the Gateway Specific Village plan, the Broadstone Cavora posed a unique challenge to our world-class design team: create a multifamily structure that fuses the natural surroundings of Southern California and celebrates the historical local aesthetic of the Greater Los Angeles area. On top of the two-fold design need, the client also wanted the facade to emit a fresh and inviting atmosphere as it would be setting square in the middle an incredible revitalization project. Once a dilapidated industrialized area, our client was a part of a larger movement aiming to make the neighborhood into a more livable, walkable community through sustainable, multifamily development.


Located at the base of the San Joaquin Hills, Broadstone Cavora is an LEED Silver certified mixed-use project, influenced by Spanish Mediterranean Revival. This 5-story, 348-unit project takes style cues from the Italianate movement and is appropriately detailed with arcade archways, ornamental iron work and soaring Belvedere signorial towers. The exterior’s distinctive mixture of stucco, terracotta tiles, and earth-tone brick perfectly captures the rich history of the Southern California missions in a polished, modern execution.

Given the importance our clients have placed on sustainable building materials, Broadstone Cavora was built with energy efficient insulation, a high-efficiency mechanical system, high-efficiency low emissivity windows, various recycled building materials with sustainable finishing materials, and a solar reflective roof. And please do walk on the grass — the Broadstone’s attractive landscaping features diverse native flora all managed by an environmentally-conscious water conserving irrigation system.

Key Highlights

Sustainability, community engagement, award-winning designer interiors, and exciting outdoor experiences are all expertly fused in the Broadstone Cavora’s striking design. This sophisticated structure fulfilled the client’s goal of creating a one-of-a-kind living space that synthesizes surrounding neighborhood ethos with the natural beauty of the region, all set amidst a vibrant high-intensity transit and pedestrian-oriented district. Timeless with an undeniably modern feel, the Broadstone Cavora truly is the alchemic mix of local culture and ultra-modern living.

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