January 28, 2019

An award-winning and industry-recognized leader, Humphreys & Partners cultivates community through unparalleled multifamily design. Each carefully created design exceeds the goals of our clients and enhances the living quality of residents. Clients from around the globe partner with Humphreys because we design the best without compromising quality or return-on-investment. It is no wonder in 2018 our student-housing and senior-living projects won several prestigious awards at the Aurora Awards or that Building Design and Construction ranked us as the #1 multifamily architect for a second rear in a row.

“We leverage the power of design to create an unforgettable living experience for residents, and an unparalleled long-term investment for clients,” said Amanda Lysaght, Vice President of Business Development. “Architecture is an ever-expanding art form, be it multifamily or student housing, and we take pride in being at the forefront of its evolution.”

Are you searching for an architecture firm that can design efficient, high-density communities with impressive long-term investments? Let’s do a quick deep dive into the top five reasons Humphreys can lay the foundation for your next project’s success.

  1. Our people

Humphreys does not succeed without our people. Our team of world-class professionals bring life to our clients’ visions and elevate the standard of living for thousands of residents. Whether its leadership with Fortune-500 expertise driving unparalleled client satisfaction or our amazing array of talented architects from around the world, Humphreys understands that talent and experience are the alchemic mix to a successful project.

  1. Our clients

Our number one source of inspiration are our clients. Many of Humphreys’ clients are long-term partnerships spanning multiple projects. These continuing collaborations empower Humphreys architects through invaluable client feedback long after a community is leased up. We learn alongside each other what are the most powerful design innovations implemented that attract residents and achieve an impressive return-on-investment. As one of our longtime collaborators recently said, “Knowing we’ll be working with Humphreys is all the motivation we need.”

  1. Global footprint

From Dallas to Uruguay, our teams are strategically positioned in international offices infusing Humphreys’ designs and client collaborations with a nuanced, multifunctional strategy. In fact, many of our most eye-catching designs are international projects, like the award-winning Mayfair on Jasper, a luxury mixed-use high rise in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Humphreys’ worldview empowers our team to generate innovative solutions to project and create with country and state-specific laws in mind.

  1. Innovation

It is not a word Humphreys uses lightly—as pioneers in the multifamily industry innovation is our bread and butter. 2018 was a fantastic year for us as we unveiled not one but two groundbreaking projects. The first is the incredible Manhattan-based concept-design Pier 2: Apartment of the Future, which incorporates a whirlwind of futuristic technologies—drone landing pads, anyone? Our second noteworthy project is the beehive-inspired Uber Skyport conceptual design, a finalist in the Uber Elevate competition and the only entry selected for study by NASA.

  1. Signature products

Trademarked efficiency solutions are the hallmark of Humphreys’ design prowess. Whether your next project is seeking a neighborhood-friendly, 100% efficient design popular with young families/couples like our Big House ® or a luxury mixed-use high-rise that boasts 87% efficiency—the key to your next project’s long-term success is already on the boards. The Big House was our first trademarked design back in 1998 and its ultra-efficient layout was an immediate hit with clients. Since then, we have continued to expand the Signature Products line with investment-minded multifamily designs.

Do you have questions about one of Humphreys’ award-winning design projects? Start a conversation with us about how we can design your next world-class multifamily by emailing marketing@humphreys.com.

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