July 31, 2019

For more than 25 years, our firm has proudly been at the forefront of multifamily design. With an exceptional ability to anticipate and respond to future trends and challenges, we are able to deliver innovative experiences that exceed expectation, improve upon tried and true design methods, and explore new technologies still in development.

This forward thinking approach allows our clients to see beyond today and visualize tomorrow. Asking the difficult questions to these impending challenges also expands our capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to boldly go outside of the expected to unlock ideas that generate long-lasting solutions.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce that feeding our curiosity and fostering our passion for innovation has paid off in a monumental way.

Introducing E-Staks™ and Stak House™

Taking inspiration from our Big House®, E-Urban® and Home Rise® designs, Our Chief Innovation Officer Walter Hughes has successfully pioneered two new proprietary concepts that will revolutionize the multifamily industry and emphasize three core values: increased density, ultra-efficiency, and ease of construction. Both are approximately 90-93 percent efficient and allow for completely customizable architectural styles, building layouts and floor plates.


This design delivers higher densities per acre for both urban and suburban locations with the option to add retail components at ground level. All units are the same depth and width and therefore interchangeable with a variety of building shapes and lengths such as linear or L-shaped.

Efficiencies can soar at up to 40 units per acre with 3 stories and 50 units per acre at 4 stories. Unlike typical multifamily products where each level has its own corridors, the E-Staks™ utilizes one central corridor that serves all levels. For mid to high rise buildings, elevators can replace stairwells while parking can be podium, below grade or surface.

Stak House™

This new design has the same appearance as our award-winning Big House® design but the Stak House™ achieves densities of up to 26 units per acre versus 18. Like the Big House®, the Stak House combines both flat and stacked units and has direct-access garages.

This two or three story building delivers up to 26 units per acre with one central corridor on the second floor. The unit mix is extremely flexible and is able to keep our signature product design’s best elements.

Modular Stak House™ and modular Big House®

With our focus on ease of construction, we have taken these concepts even further to develop modular options. The modular Stak House™ plan has the same high density and efficiency as the Stak House™ but even more streamlined. Built on modules of 12 and 13 feet by 6 inches wide that stack on top of each other, it offers a simpler massing with the ability to be conventionally framed if needed. Additionally, we have taken our original Big House® design and adapted it for modular construction.

Innovation is at the core of what we do. As an award-winning and industry recognized leader in the multifamily industry, we’re confident that together we’ll be able to create your next multifamily experience that exceeds your goals and enhances the living quality of residents.

To learn more about these innovative designs watch the video or download the fact sheet.

Want to join the multifamily revolution? Start a conversation with us about how we can design your next exceptional multifamily development by emailing marketing@humphreys.com or calling 972.701.9636.

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