Pier 2: Apartment of the Future 2018


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Welcome to the Future

Humphreys & Partners presented a future vision of multifamily design at the 2018 International Builders' Show in Orlando on January 11th. Vice President of Design Walter Hughes revealed a high-rise concept that portrayed vivid renderings of two soaring towers on the Manhattan waterfront. This sustainable mixed-use project is thoughtfully designed with modular and micro units, co-working spaces and every amenity a futuristic apartment dweller needs to thrive: artificial intelligence, drones, home automation, autonomous vehicles, and a variety of activity and wellness centers.

Pier 2 is the innovative solution to the growing changes in people’s lifestyle and inclusion of technology.


Transportation is evolving. Major changes are going to happen in the way people commute to work, take a family vacation and visit other countries. Autonomous transportation may seem like something out of a science fiction novel but it will soon become a reality.

With an in-service goal of 2021, Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop will whisk people from New York to Washington D.C. in 30 minutes. Self-driving vehicles, flying cars, and artificial intelligent drones are already being tested. This is why the team at Humphreys & Partners shaped such an accommodating site plan. Other integrated transportation-oriented schemes include automated parking systems, full-service bike stations, and energy-generating walkways.

The Hyperloop will whisk people from New York to Washington D.C. in 30 minutes

The way people shop and seek entertainment is rapidly changing. Pier 2’s ground level retail space will be outfitted with an Amazon Go store with cashier-less, smart shopping capabilities. Park and recreational areas overlooking the Hudson River will have special facial recognition technology for more engaging interactive displays and connectedness.


Two platforms at a lower and upper concourse connect both towers and house the amenities which host a variety of residential services such as a pet spa, pool area, fitness and wellness centers, restaurants, drone landing areas and more. Horizontal and vertical elevators will run back and forth within the lower platform, adding a sense of ease and quickness never before seen in a multifamily concept.


Pier 2’s distinctive profile is the result of modular design. Each unit is pre-constructed and shipped to the site. This allows for exceptional quality, one third of the typical construction time, and cost savings that goes back to the consumer at 10 to 20 percent. It also adds more flexibility of design and additional energy efficiency.

1/3 of the typical construction time, and cost savings that goes back to the consumer at 10-20%

The driving force behind Pier 2’s living experience is the co-habitational concept. Although residents can choose to live alone, they can also share a co-living space which generates a unique, community feel. This growing segment is better suited to the urban lifestyle and roommates can not only split the responsibilities but also cut living expenses in half.

Thanks to the rise of the gig economy, co-working spaces will be located at the lower levels. Already a thriving way to work, the majority of entrepreneurs and off-site employees say they felt more successful and were able to better expand their networks which increased over happiness by 89 percent after using co-working spaces.


More and more homes, retail and office buildings are being built with sustainable architecture in mind. The goal of Pier 2 is to build comfortable and functional residences in the most economical way possible. Units will use Photovoltaic glass, a dynamic window option that saves electrical consumption in the summer and winter by up to 34 percent. Wind turbines churn under the upper platform and create energy for homes that also decrease the building’s carbon footprint. Other energy efficient sources include solar panels, Tesla energy via Powerwall, tidal power using the currents for the Hudson River and vertical farming for food production without pesticides. On the exterior, green walls add a distinctive natural element and help to clean the air while providing wildlife habitats and increase real estate values.

Units will use Photovoltaic glass, a dynamic window option that saves electrical use in the summer and cooling in the winter by 34%

Forward thinking and integrating the latest technology into multifamily projects is our priority. It saves our clients time and money by not having to retrofit their buildings and keeps the market competitive by attracting target renters and buyers. This is why the design team at Humphreys and Partners strives to stay ahead of the curve and the motivation to imagine this innovative concept. It’s not about what’s happening today but what’s going to happen tomorrow. Pier 2 not only defies conventional multifamily design, but represents the answer to the question of what’s next.