December 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Humphreys & Partners Architects (HPA) has been recognized as the top multifamily architect in the nation by Building Design + Construction (BD+C) in their 2023 Giants 400 Report. With 47 years of history, BD+C’s annual report is a benchmark for excellence in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, and this year, a record 552 AEC firms participated.

Why This Ranking Matters:
Securing the top position in BD+C’s Giants 400 Report is a testament to Humphreys & Partners Architects’ unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry leadership. This prestigious acknowledgment is not merely a reflection of our past achievements but serves as a guiding compass for the future. It underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of multifamily design and setting the standard for the industry.

The Significance for Clients:
For clients seeking a multifamily architect for their next project, this recognition carries profound implications. The BD+C Giants 400 Report is not just a list; it is a comprehensive evaluation of the industry’s giants, scrutinizing their capabilities, achievements, and influence. Being named the top multifamily architect in the nation is a validation of our expertise, reliability, and capacity to deliver unparalleled solutions.

Our Value Proposition:
In a market flooded with choices, this recognition sets us apart as the architects of choice for those who seek not just a design, but an experience. Our multidisciplinary approach, innovative solutions, and a commitment to client satisfaction position us as leaders in the multifamily architectural landscape.

As we celebrate this achievement, we express our gratitude to our clients, partners, and the entire Humphreys & Partners Architects team. This recognition is a shared success, and we are excited about the possibilities it opens for our future collaborations. For those looking to embark on a multifamily project, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of design excellence with the 2023 top-ranked multifamily architect in the nation—Humphreys & Partners Architects.

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