August 24, 2018

Humphreys & Partners Architects is excited to announce our newest HPA-Helps philanthropic project for the local Dallas community: HPA Helps – Paper Drive for W. T. White High School. HPA is delighted to partner with the W. T. White’s Art Department to raise paper and money donations for their art program, which can often suffer from underfunding and budget cuts. As HPA CEO Mark Humphreys’ high-school alma mater, we share a special connection with this school and want all students to have the opportunity to participate in the arts.

As the leading multifamily design company in the US, Humphreys & Partners understand the power of creativity and self-expression – we also understand the incredible impact art classes have on students. In fact, it was during a drawing class at W. T. White High school that Mark Humphreys designed his first award-winning home. This episode furthered his drive to study architecture at university and perfectly demonstrates the goal of our paper drive: to foster creativity in students and inspire them to do their best in anything they do.

You can read more about our HPA Helps – Paper Drive with W. T. White High School and see photos of our team in action below:

About the School

Warren Travis White High School is a public secondary school in Dallas, Texas (USA). The high school enrolls students in grades 9-12 and is a part of the Dallas Independent School District with approximately 2,250 students attending. About the high-school art department and how art classes make a difference in the lives of students, Visual Arts Team Lead & Art Club Sponsor Noemi Beltran had this to say: “High school art classes are an integral part of developing a student’s creativity and social skills. Students often work together to think outside of the box and to collaborate with others, which are essential skills needed for the real world.”

How We Made a Difference

HPA employees were excited to support a local Dallas ISD school with its mission to educate and inspire students.  We encouraged everyone in our Dallas office to support the HPA – Paper Drive by donating drawing paper or money. By the drive’s end, we far exceeded our initial goals and were able to present W. T. White’s Art Department with over 8,790 sheets of drawing paper, printmaking supplies and a financial contribution for general classroom expenses from Mr. Humphreys.

Thank you to the art department staff of W. T. White High School for partnering with us for this incredible event, and thank you to HPA staff for donating and making this such a successful paper drive!

You can enjoy more information and photos about our HPA Helps – Paper Drive for W. T. White High school on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you have any questions about the HPA Helps – Paper Drive or any other of HPA’s philanthropic endeavors, please contact Bridget Bussell at

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